Paul King - 'Hey Hey'

1. Hey Hey
2. Somebody Light Me a Fire
3. Long Black Veil
4. Voodoo

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Great news just before Christmas! Not one, but two brand new CD’s from Paul King, the first an album under the name of Skeleton Crew, called ‘Skullduggery’, and the second, a 4-track EP that was recorded something like 8 years ago with regular associates, Jeff Ward, Mike Piggott and Smiley Steve.

There is only one non-PK composition, a re-working of ‘Long Black Veil’, but all of the tracks are very high quality and maybe it is just me, but is a West Country influence creeping into Paul’s music? Paul has been based in the Cornwall area for quite some time now and a slight Seth Lakeman sound has become evident – well to me anyway, being a fan of the Devonshire legend.

‘Hey Hey’ is the lead track, and is followed by my own personal favourite, ‘Somebody Light Me a Fire’, a number that would make it on to any ‘Best Of Paul King’ compilation to my mind. Now there’s a thought? Wouldn’t that be cool, a ‘Best Of Paul King’?

Remember ‘Voodoo’, that old bluesy number that was included on the ‘Complete Works’ Skeleton Crew album? Well, Paul has come up with an even better, heavier-sounding version on this EP with superb electric guitar courtesy of Jeff Ward, a guy who most of you will know has been closely connected to Paul’s music for quite a time, and I know I’ve said it before, but he really seems to tap in to Paul and bring out the best of him every time he works with him.

Music like this really deserves to be appreciated by a wider audience so hopefully we will get to see Paul get a spot at a major festival next summer.

Alan Taylor