First Gig for 2020

First Gig for 2020

7th February sees Paul and Skeleton Crew back at Sunbury Cricket Club.

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  1. Ruth Williams

    Do you know if we have to buy tickets in advance or can we buy on the door on the night?

    1. PK Music

      Tickets can be bought at the door (£7.50) on the night.

  2. faye

    pauls gigs have always been free. why is there a charge this time?

    1. PK Music

      Entrance fees are a matter for the venue. Sunbury CC have decided it will be £7.50 for Paul’s gig.

  3. Jan Sivelle

    This was a great evening, well done Paul!
    My husband , Phil, enjoyed his stint on the zob stick.
    No problem with paying £7.50 entry fee, good venue with good seating for everyone.
    We have followed you over the past 50 years and pleased that you are still giving us the occasional performance, keep it up!

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