Paul King - 'Skull Duggery'

1. Will You Kiss Will You Dance
2. Coming Home
3. Saturday Matinee
4. Gotta Let You Go
5. It Ain’t Me Babe
6. Love Sick Blues
7. Candy Man
8. Lonely Nights
9. Goin’ To German
10. Sophisticated Mumma
11. Bad Connection
12. Ain’t Superstitious

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Ah, this is the life! Lying in the garden in the sun, with a glass of something cold, listening to the new Skeleton Crew CD – Skull Duggery. Well, not really… it’s cold, wet and I’m tucked up indoors but listening to this very nice, summery offering by the Cornish version of Skeleton Crew with Richard Barrett on banjo, mandolin, fiddle and guitars, Colin Boyd on bass and Keith Marshall on percussion. The incredible thing about this album is the fact that it states in the sleeve notes that it was recorded live in Cornwall but it sounds like a studio album to me, and very fresh and bright. Maybe live in the studio? I’m not sure? Whatever, it’s a great listen!

This is very much a collaboration between Paul and Richard and it has a lovely easy feel with all of the tracks blending seamlessly with great new numbers such as ‘Will You Kiss Will You Dance’ and ‘Coming Home’ plus new versions of older songs such as ‘Candy Man’, originally from Paul’s brilliant 1972 solo album, ‘Been In The Pen Too Long’ and ‘Goin’ To German’ from the King Earl Boogie Band’s, ‘Trouble At Mill’ in the same year.

Paul’s 1995 album, ‘Houdini’s Moon’ featured a great recording of ‘Saturday Matinee’, written about Janis Joplin, but maybe ‘Skullduggery’ has an even better version, and I’m loving Vince Clarke’s ‘Bad Connection’.

Paul and Richard are a great partnership, similar to Paul and Jeff Ward of a few years back. I always loved the Jigilo Jug Band and this is close to that sound with Richard’s mandolin prominent, and it makes me feel that a lot of Paul’s back catalogue would benefit from this treatment.

I’m a great admirer of Paul and like everything he has ever done but if you are relatively new to Mr King and fancy a punt on a CD from the shop, none will disappoint, but take my word for it… this is the business! I love it!

Alan Taylor