Joe Rush

Joe Rush

Just heard the sad news about poor old Joe Rush. I haven’t seen him for at least 25 years but always have fond memories of him, especially in the Jigilo Jug Band and when we went out as a duo ( Pub Entertainer of the Year etc)  He was a real character with a fistful of thimbles , a beer in one hand and a fag in the corner of his mouth. He would say about three quarters of the way through a gig … ” I’m drifting away with the colonials.” I expect that is what he is doing now. He was a pleasure to know and make music with. My condolences go out to his children and family.


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  1. Alan Hitt (Aka Budgie)

    RIP Joe,

    I must admit the family has been a bit distant for many a year so I didn’t know he had passed away.
    Joe was my dad’s 2nd cousin, suppose that made him my 3rd cousin.

    Yet another one gone…!

    Soon as the pubs are open again, I’ll drink a couple of pints to ya cousin.

    Alan Hitt (Aka Budgie).

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