A Baker’s Dozen

A Baker’s Dozen

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  1. Quintin Drake

    On Spotify Wind Of Change and Came The Man With The News are the wrong way round.

  2. PK Music

    Wind Of Change should be track 2 after Will You Kiss then Came The Man With The News.

  3. Stuart

    I’ve just ordered your latest CD – A Baker’s Dozen but would love to get the Done In A Day CD too. How can I do that?

    1. PK Music

      We hope to able to make the ‘Done In A Day’ CD available exclusively from this site in the next 2-3 weeks. Thanks.

  4. jj bedrossian

    I hope that it’ll be vailable soon too. I loved the “Bakers’s”, excellent and brillant. Now, I’m waiting to hear all these “live” when the ugly virus is gone. With one my favorites, one of Paul’s best for me which is “Hey Rosalyn” .. See you …

  5. jj bedrossian

    To Paul : why not come and play live where I live, in Cannes : it will be back in the “busking days” on the beaches” !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. roel van ekeris

    I’m glad that i will be on sale in the Netherlands.

  7. Sheena Ogilvy

    I loved the CD a Bakers Dozen , I am looking forward to the November release of a new CD

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