Live at the Limping Whippet? – Review

Live at the Limping Whippet? – Review

For me, the Jigilo Jug Band were the best of all of Paul’s bands and it was such a shame that an album (or two) wasn’t forthcoming.

We do have a 12” vinyl offering from way back when in 1980, Live At The Limping Whippet, recorded live with old friends Joe Rush (washboard, bass drum), who sadly passed away in 2020, Colin Pattenden (bass), Mike Piggott (violin, mandolin) and of course, Paul King himself.

Now, thanks to Paul and his webmaster, John Burton, the entire E.P is now available on CD direct from the website.

Regrettably, I never got to see the band live and was forever being reminded of the fact during my regular chats with Joe over the phone. “You would have loved it”, he would say and I’m sure I would have. My liver, maybe not so much!

He did tell me in 2000 something of how it all came about for the old Mungo Jerry fan club, “I walked in The Magpie, and there was Monsieur ‘Kingy’, on stage on his own. As it happened, I had ‘me’ bag with ‘me’ washboard in it, leaning against the bar, like you do when you’re having a pint”. He said, “Got your washboard with you”? I said, “As it happens, yes!” “Bloody Hell, come and have a sit in.”

So I think I ended up playing the second half, or nearly all of it. So, I was there, I dunno, every Monday after that with him.”

“Then Mike Piggott joined the band, there was three of us, it seems a lucky number three, two or three’s good…it was very enjoyable!”

“That was the first Jigilo Jug Band as such. And then we got the legendary gig at The Feathers in Wraysbury, that’s where we did that maxi-single.  ‘LIVE AT THE LIMPING WHIPPET’. Denny Laine got the Manor mobile down, Branson’s Manor mobile in the car park there. That was good, a good night recording that – lots of laughs!”

It all does sound like great fun on these five tracks – Jigilo Stomp, Houdini, the bawdy Money For Rope, the instrumental Training The Whippet and Irene Goodnight with Joe proclaiming on the intro, “I’m Drifting Like The Colonials”!

A nice touch from Paul, the CD is dedicated to Joe, with Money For Rope an old favourite of Joe’s.It’s only four quid for God’s sake – Money For Rope!

Alan Taylor

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